Company's Business

ZALEKTA Public Company Limited (ZAA)

ZALEKTA Public Company Limited invested in companies engaged in the movie media business, provides and acquires Thai and International films copyrights for cinema, provides rights to Free TV, Cable TV, Pay TV, Video on Demand and other digital media. In addition, the Company has invested in Thai Film Production and Home entertainment business which generated the most revenue for the Group.

No. Company Nature of Business Channel
1 ZALEKTA Public Company Limited Engage business of providing and buying Asian & International film copyrights and invests in home entertainment media business and Thai films Production. Through subsidiaries
2 M Pictures Co.,Ltd. Acquire and buy Asian and International films copyrights from well-known studio and produces Thai films as production studio. Theatrical and non-theatrical Channel.
3 M Thirty Nine Co.,Ltd. Thai Films Production studio Theatrical and non-theatrical Channel
4 M V D Co., Ltd. Requisite and buy Thai and international film copyrights for home entertainment media. Home entertainment media
5 M Talent Co.,Ltd. Thai film and Thai series production studio Theatrical and non-theatrical Channel.
6 Major Kantana Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. Cable T.V. and Satellite T.V. Via M Channel
7 Transformation Films Co.,Ltd. Thai Films Production studio Theatrical and non-theatrical Channel
8 MVP M-Pictures Film Distribution (Lao) Co.,Ltd. Films’ distribution company in Lao PDR Theatrical and non-theatrical Channel
9 M.P.I.C (Cambodia) Distribution Co.,Ltd. Films’ distribution company in Cambodia Theatrical and non-theatrical Channel

Marketing Strategies

  • Strategy on movie quality
    The Group is looking to acquire copyrights of international and Thai films, as well as production and distribution of movies on Free TV, Pay TV, and Digital Media such as Video on demand, with a focus on a vast variety of quality movies. The Company will acquire movies from widely accepted sources such as international film festivals worldwide, movie studio that could win popularity in Asian Region, independent producers of groundbreaking films, as well as movie studio in Thailand. In the Thai film production, the Company gives priority to viewers’ preference, gender and age, including their income, while trying to promote the production of quality Thai films to gain popularity among viewers
  • Strategy on intra-group support services
    The Group is currently an operator of a full-fledged movie business, ranging from providing of Thai and international movie rights, Thai film production of movies on VCD, DVD and Blue Ray discs. Its copyright films could be distributed and/or released extensively via different channels due to a strong relationship of the Company with Major Cineplex Group Plc., its parent company and Thailand’s leading cinema operator with a network of movie theaters in all parts of the country. Moreover, the Company always finds new business partnership. This somewhat fully integrated business partnership gives the Company an edge over other players operating a similar type of business.
  • Strategy on consumers’ preference
    Since consumers have become more selective about the type of movies they prefer watching, the Company needs to adjust itself to address the said changing consumer behavior. Realizing that moviegoers’ personal taste is a crucial factor that could affect its performance, the Company must find movies that match the taste of all consumer segments and age groups and must also acquire films and produce Thai movies in alignment with the festive seasons in order to stimulate the movie consumption in Thailand.

Target Group;

  • All kinds and ages of Customers.
  • Cinema.
  • Free TV, Cable TV, Pay TV, Pay Digital TV. IPTV, VOD
  • International entertainment media entrepreneurs.

Competitive Potential

ZALEKTA Public Company Limited

The Group is operating a comprehensive range of movie business, consisting of a foreign film rights importing and distribution business and Thai film production business. It also is a subsidiary of Major Cineplex Group Plc., Thailand’s leading cinema operator with theater locations all over the country. This strength enables the Company to grow strongly and in pace with other players and gives it an opportunity to efficiently manage group businesses and internal resources for an optimum benefit. With intra-group support services such as advertising media, theater network, etc., the Company is capable of better responding to consumers’ demand, as well as continuously expanding its customer base, while the Group’s movie media could increasingly draw consumer interest.

The Group has additionally developed and introduced the digital media, which could attract new consumer segments. In the past year, the Group focused on exploit films rights via digital platforms to match life style of consumers such as Netflix also distributes films’ rights to international market such as Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Hong Kong and also in worldwide films’ festival such as Cannes festival.

M Pictures Co.,Ltd

In the past year, the economic slowdown due to the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic which affected bringing movies to show in theaters was interrupted between the first quarter of the second quarter but the Company has tried to compensate by bringing more Thai and foreign films in the third and fourth quarter that drive business of the company. Besides, competition in this business is not tough because there are a small number of players and each of them have owned target. In view of these factors, together with the fact that the Company has several and definite marketing channels, there is no concern about competition with other peers.

M V D Co.,Ltd.

The overall of the home entertainment business is no longer popular. The company has change position from manufacturing to licensing films’ rights to our partners to manufacture and sell VCDs and DVDS for reducing risk of inventory and also reducing management fee.

M Thirty Nine Co.,Ltd. / M Talent Co.,Ltd. / Transformation Films Co.,Ltd.

There are a growing number of Thai films productions with high competition. Moreover, the strength of its group members which engage in movie theater business and home entertainment business will also help to enhance the Company’s competitive potential in this industry.