Message from the chairman

Sincerely Yours,
Mr.Tirachai Vutithum
Chairman of the Board

Dear shareholders,

In the year 2019, M Pictures Group has orientated its business policies and strategies aiming to become the forerunner of the film business. The company has tackle its way of managing film rights via multiple channels especially VOD Platform, cable TV, digital TV and local film productions to serve the constantly developing consumer behavior. This year, the major revenue was from film production and films right distribution unit which are the core business. Moreover, film production unit, the Company focused on finding “Strategic Partner” who has potential to support all dimensions of the film to invest in Thai film production. Furthermore, the Company has also managed to reduce the cost to effectuate the operations, numbers of screens are also being increased in up-country areas. All of which mentioned leads to possible advancement of incomes mainly generated by the production of local titles that are favored by the majority of up- country viewers.

On this occasion, I, on behalf of the Board of Directors, would like to express our highest appreciation to shareholders, investors, clients, business partners and associates for any kind supports. In addition, I would like to thank all the executives and also the employees for their hard work, dedication, and responsibility on various important assignments which firmly and increasingly strengthen the company as well as subsequently lead the organization to the goal-oriented achievement. I believe that the company still has prosperous potentials to grow further and I wish for your unfaltering support and cooperation.